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  October 20 2020 - 2:00pm - 4:00pm

Conversation >> Moving beyond good intentions into value: Innovation through collaboration with Indigenous businesses.

Engaging, collaborating and partnering with Indigenous businesses and communities isn’t just 'a nice thing to do' - it makes business sense and helps to strengthen our economy.

The innovation space in particular can not only provide business opportunities for rural and regional communities, but also solutions to help close the gap.
  • Turning good intentions into action.
  • Breaking through cultural stigma.
  • Overcoming the fear of saying the wrong thing.
  • How to kick off an opportunity or idea.
  • Embracing flexibility, patience and understanding.
Kieran Shirey, Managing Director, LOGiT Australia
Leesa Watego, Managing Director, Iscariot Media 
Julie-Ann Lambourne, CEO, Tagai Management
Where: The Capital + Streamed Online
Stream: Digital Humanity
Block Moderator: Cat Matson, Digital Legend

Conversation >> Seeking truth in misinformation. 

There was a glimmer of hope that the initial surge of virus misinformation was the spark we needed to reclaim the truth. Social platforms, media and individuals were finally calling out the lies. A movement was rising.

Till it wasn’t. And we now not only face digital repercussions of misinformation but anarchy, violence, increased health challenges and politicians using powers to stifle freedom of speech. 
  • How can we make sure that the media and journalists are rising the charge in the battle against misinformation?
  • How can we use the power of technology for good? To fight fakes with fakes, speed with speed and deception with creativity?
  • And how should we be protecting ourselves online?
Liz Minchin, Executive Editor, The Conversation Australia & New Zealand
Susan Forde, Director, Griffith Centre for Social & Cultural Research, Griffith University

David Douglas, Responsible Innovation in Robotics & AI, CSIRO
Hayden Delaney, Partner, Head of IP & Tech, HopgoodGanim 

Conversation >> You can’t say that! #NoFilterContent.

We often tip toe around issues or challenges faced by women in tech or by women in general or even men who also struggle with workforce challenges. Throw in issues around race, sexuality, gender ambiguity, age, workplace ethics and even opinions on what is responsible in innovation and we are all confused! There is a thin line between offending people and just making an honest mistake or asking out of curiosity. This session will remedy that.

Following in a similar vein to the popular ABC show, this is a a no holds; ask any question; push boundaries session with a panel who is not afraid of telling it like it is. 

Leave your sensibilities at the door! 
Brooke Jamieson, Experience Lead, PlaceOS
Pauline Fetaui, General Manager, River City Labs
Isaac Coonan, Senior Industry Development Manager, Technology, Brisbane EDA
Lisa Renneisen, Co-Founder, Something Digital
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