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Online Marketing Sydney Conference @ Amora Hotel Jamison Sydney

  February 10 2020 - 9:00am - 5:00pm

  Amora Hotel Jamison Sydney

An SEO Event like no other

SEO is a really small industry once you are in it.

Being immersed in it for the past 11 years, I’ve been fortunate to meet some fantastic people that I’m lucky enough to call good friends.

Most people in the industry will have crossed paths with James Norquey at one time or another. I met him many years ago and he is one of the first people that I reach out to about anything SEO or business and he’s always happy to lend a valuable ear.

When James told me he was thinking about putting on an SEO focused event in Australia, I was excited.

I’ve been to many events with James (somewhere he was a speaker) and I know he has two things going for him:

He knows SEO like nobody else

He knows everyone in the industry

With over 14 years experience in SEO & growth marketing; his own SEO Agency Prosperity Media (Previously awarded best agency in Australia by SEMrush); as well as being a regular speaker at events like SMX, DMA, DigiMarCon, and StartCon, there is nobody better to put this event on for the SEO community.

The good thing about the Online Marketing Sydney Conference is it’s not just going to be your usual speakers. James mentioned it was really important to “…have more underground speakers who you might not know yet as they have a wealth of knowledge to share”.

One of the most important things to know about any event is who’s speaking! I may be a little biased (The second speaker down is apparently amazing), but I am pretty excited about hearing from this lineup:

Jared Codling – Founder New Hack Every Week and top growth hacker

James Richardson – Co-Founder, Optimising

Bernard Huang Co-founder of Clearscope & Twitchmetrics(USA)

Matt Diggity – Diggity Marketing & Authority Builders (Thailand/USA)

Kate Toon – Founder Recipe for SEO Success

Craig Campbell – SEO & Affiliate Marketing Expert (Scotland)

Dennis Graham – PPC Specialist

Louisa Dahl – CEO Interactive Minds.

James Norquay – SEO Director

Jeff Deutsch – SEO & Growth Marketing (USA)

Amanda King – SEO Specialist Optus

Ray Corcoran – Marketing Consultant

Richard Brus – Founder SERPworx plugin & SEO Professional.

Dejan Mladenovski – Technical SEO

Peter Mead – Founder of SEO Melbourne Meetup & SEO Professional

Woj Kwaski – Founder Kwasi

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