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  - - October 20 2020

Brisbane's Digital Festival.

It's 2020. Things are a little bit different. 

And whilst we are committed to running Brisbane's digital festival this October, we understand that a lot can happen between now and then. So, we are re-structuring the festival to be flexible (very flexible). To grow and shrink according to what we are allowed to do.

What will remain constant (irrespective of method of delivery) is our focus. To build digital capabilities, bring Queensland’s digital ecosystem together and showcase some of the great innovations happening right here in our backyard.

So mark down the week of October 19th in your diary as 'Something Digital Week' and stay tuned for more updates on what we have planned. 

More info about the Festival will be available in mid June. To be the first to know about the latest event happenings, sign up to our eNews

2020 Theme >> A BRAVE new world.
2020 will forever go down in history as ’that year’. The year when the world as we knew it, came tumbling down. When we dealt with bushfires, pandemics and ongoing uncertainty, but rose through it with a renewed sense of what it means to be human... to be together.

In adversity lies opportunity. Opportunity to do things we might not necessarily have done in a ’normal’ world. To do, rather than ask. To take risks. To grow in ways we never thought possible.

2020 is giving us a license to be rebels in a BRAVE new world.

A world which is completely reliant on digital technology. Now more than ever.

When digital closeness became the antidote to social distancing, a raft of new opportunities opened up. 

From digital acceleration to workforce augmentation; social innovation to data accessibility; digital manufacturing to supply chain reinvention; there are solutions, efficiencies and returns for everyone to thrive on.

The call is to end this year with a bang. To hold onto our rebel status, to thrive in a BRAVE new world, to amplify our digital capabilities and to celebrate the incredible people that make up Queensland’s digital ecosystem.

It’s 2020. Things are a little bit different.
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