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2020 Medium to Large Business Winner

2020 Medium to Large Business Australian Web Award Winner

This project included some transformative collaboration work with the client, in workshopping with key stakeholders. Part of this process was to better understand not just their customer segmenation - but who are the critical user personas of Grinders Coffee.

Following this exercise, it was realised that their core online audience is the lay ‘coffee at home’ purchaser - and cafes and their B2B business are secondary to the more critical eCommerce-to-home element. This was the largest part of the UX process, which involved developing priorities for the user personas, mapping user flows and then adjusting the structure of the navigation to better suit this new priority.

Following the extensive UX process G Squared undertook, it was important to also overhaul the UI to match the sharpened focus on the consumer (B2C) audience.  The team introduced full-width design, allowing them to increase the use of white space. G Squared utilised rich media throughout the website, and ensured it didn’t undermine the user journey they wanted to create. The team at G Squared also simplified the eCommerce catalogue and product pages - as it’s a routine/regular purchase for most of the B2C customers. This was a critical UI tactic that resulted in an increase in transactions post launch.

Part of the new approach was to introduce a new content hub - The Grind. This content hub would become a centrepiece for the brand's content marketing strategy.

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