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2020 Not for Profit Winner

2020 Not for Profit Australian Web Award Winner

Designing the new website for the National Breast Cancer Foundation was a very unique challenge! They have a strong visual brand that’s didn’t easily translate to digital. With donations the focus, Humaan helped the client reimagine what the website could be and developed a structure that would better support their core aims and objectives.

The amount of content available across the National Breast Cancer Foundation website is incredibly extensive, though the key user segments were clear. Humaan started the process by recommending an IA that clearly separated these key user journeys as the main pillars of the website: Research, The Organisation (About), Fundraising, and Donations. With Donations the primary goal across the site, we’ve used the IA, content and additional integrated donation modules throughout to make this immediately accessible, and the form simple and intuitive to complete.

The site offers a large array of unique templates and content modules, extensive CMS capabilities to manage all content across all pages, related content linking across verticals, and many subtle animations and micro interactions throughout.

“We are more than happy with the finished product and have seen improvements in conversion rate, bounce rate and time on page almost instantly.”
Hannah Martin – Digital Marketing Manager

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