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2020 Social Media Australian Web Award Winner

2020 Social Media Australian Web Award Winner

'Happy Way' is a protein powder made with the highest quality raw, ancient and organic superfood supplements, mixed with whey and/or vegan protein powders.

Sydney-based Whitehat Agency delivered a social media campaign that had an objective to provide Happy Way with 20% revenue growth year on year within the Facebook platform. The Whitehat team absolutely smashed this target, achieving 103% revenue growth year on year.

Whitehat Agency used posts to Happy Way's organic feed as paid ads, which achieved fantastic ROI for the client, as these ads look more like a post from the page, and generate a great deal of interaction and engagement from Happy Way's customer base. This level of engagement provided further social proof of just how amazing the Happy Way product is, and highlighted the customer satisfaction across the board.

Whitehat also launched campaigns in conjunction with influencer collaborations for Happy Way, providing a significant boost of ROI to remarketing, as these influencer campaigns helped to drive more traffic to the Happy Way website. On some days we had as many as 100 influencers posting about Happy Way!

The establishment of our bespoke Facebook funnel is where this campaign was most innovative. While we can't give away our 'secret recipe', we have since gone on to assist many more clients achieve outstanding results by using this same Facebook funnel structure.

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