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How to connect with your ideal client and sell more

You’re your own hero. It’s true.

They say the most engaging or exciting thing you can hear is your own name or the word YOU. And it starts so young. Even babies a few months old know their own name, and people in a vegatative state STILL react to their own name. If that’s not evidence that we are the centre of our own lil universes, I dunno what is.

On the flip side, do you know what is guaranteed to switch people off? Mememememememe, I did this, mememme…. GLAAAAZE over.

Do you know what most brands do when they try to make a connection and sell. Talk about themselves. Does it work? Hell no! They’re essentially talking themselves up, rather than demonstrating an understanding of the client’s needs by talking about how they can help them specifically.

So what’s a smart brand to do? Talk about your customer, your reader, and invite them into a story where they are the hero and you’re all about helping them do the hard stuff in their lives.

Enter Storybrand.

StoryBrand specialists at A Lined Design - web design and copywriting for creative businesses

How to connect with your ideal client and sell more stuff

So we know that everyone tunes out when they aren’t the centre of attention (look, it’s science so it’s safe to admit!) so it’s actually pretty simple – make your brand the experienced guide, the Yoda to their Skywalker, and help them become the hero they know they are.
It’s a method as old as humans huddled around fires, sweeping Eddas and Oddesys, poems and Dreamtimes.
There’s a hero (that’s not you, that’s your customer). By gosh they have a problem. There’s a dragon eating the princesses/artifact that needs finding/curse that needs breaking so that they can go on their merry prosperous way. If they fail, there will be war/famine/armageddon.
Dire stuff.
So they go on their quest and they meet this helpful guide, who somehow knows just enough to help them. Like Jorah to Danerys in Game of Thrones (or as I like to call him, Middle Earth Wiki) who has travelled everywhere and gives Dany just enough cultural and political insight to do well on her mission.
That’s you, brand. That’s your job. You’re Jorah.
Get it?
You’re super important to the story, but you’re not the hero. You help them, connect with them, and what you sell helps them on their way to lift the curse/save the Prince (Princesses can themselves)/restore fertility to the land. Or be a better cook/lose weight/save time/de-stress/be more attractive… whatever form their demon takes.

How to apply the StoryBrand method to your business

Read the dang book. Seriously. Every time we read it we get more out of it. It’s not bed time reading though, your brain will churn over with ideas so much you’ll never sleep!
We obsess over your ideal client, and suggest you do too.
As Seth Godin rightly said   dont find customers for your products, find products for your customers.

Excellent advice, Mr Godin.

Connect to them with an appealing story with something they can’t be without.

What better recipe for success is there than that!


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