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What is Google’s New Ads Penalty?

Have you heard about Google’s new three-strike ads penalties? On 20th July, Google announced their new three-strike ad policy system

From the 21st of September, they will be piloting their new penalty program, aimed at those who repeatedly break their three existing policies;

  1. Enabling dishonest behaviour policy
  2. Unapproved pharmaceuticals or supplements
  3. Dangerous products or services

Basically, this is the digital equivalent of Mum counting down from three as she orders you to clean your room. The announcement has been met with some concern amongst marketers, fearing accounts that are incorrectly punished, could be suspended. However, Google has placed some checks and balances into the process, with an appeal system in place.

How Will The Google Ads Three-strikes System Work?

While it’s called the three-strike system, it’s more of a four-step process. The first step is a warning. If your ad violates any of the three policies, your account will be issued with a warning and the offending ad will be taken down until you change the copy.

Strike One

If your account violates the same policy within 90 days of your initial warning you get your first strike. This comes with a three-day suspension of your account — meaning none of your ads will run.

Strike Two

Strike two comes if you violate that same policy again within 90 days of your first strike. This time your account is on a seven day time out, and again, your ads will not be eligible to run.

Noteworthy: With strikes one and two, in addition to correcting the ad at fault, you’ll need to submit an acknowledgement form.

Strike Three

Three strikes? You’re out! If an account violates the same policy again within 90 days of a second strike the punishment is indefinite account suspension!


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