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Why it’s time for the Jamstack to shine – the technology perspective

Javascript, APIs and Markup (HTML) have been around for literally decades. So why the sudden wave of enthusiasm for Jamstack as an enterprise web development platform?

JavaScript is everywhere

Whether it's Node.js servers, JavaScript in a browser, or the ubiquitous npm (node package manager) modules that span the full spectrum, JavaScript has become the lingua franca for developers. What started as a simple scripting language for adding interactivity to web pages in the 90s, is now the dominant programming language in digital.

The Cloud

Platform as a Service (PaaS) providers such as Google, Amazon and Microsoft, have freed developers from the hassles of maintaining their own server infrastructure, or being tied to a single technology platform. Applications can be built to take advantage of any number of cloud technologies, from static hosting in high performance CDNs, to serverless functions and edge computing.


Content Management systems were born to make the mundane task of updating a static website easier for non-technical users. The explosion of automated tools such as Jenkins, TeamCity, or Azure DevOps for building and deploying your website not just quickly and regularly, but continually in the case of Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD), has removed this barrier.


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